The Jackson Area Landlords Association was formed in 1974 in direct response the the needs of landlords and property managers in Jackson County, Michigan and surrounding areas. We are a Michigan Non-Profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at our November general meetings.

Our membership includes individual small scale landlords through large property owner and professional managers. All of our members reap the benefits of the services we provide no matter the size of their enterprise.

Because of statutory changes enacted by the Michigan state legislature which sometimes favored tenants rights over those of landlords and that combined with other factors at the Federal, State and local levels, it became apparent that landlords and property managers all over the state needed to speak as one with the power to change legislation. Thus was born JALA to provide one unified voice when it came to interfacing with legislators, city councils, zoning boards, building inspectors, the Family Independence Agency, District Judges and the local court staff.

We have evolved through the years and many members have been with us for long periods. We changed our name to The Jackson Area Rental Property Owners Association (JARPOA) for a period of years during which the forces of political correctness were popular. We returned to our original name and acronym (JALA) when the word “Landlord” lost its stigma. So here we are, ready to provide the support we all need in carrying out our business. We hope you participate fully and enjoy your term of membership with us.