Services We Provide

  • Monthly News Letter - Information and alerts on legislation and existing statutes effecting landlords. Timely update on changes
    and potential changes to regulations, housing codes and other areas of interest to landlords. Questions from our member
    answered by our knowledgeable members or our attorney as appropriate
  • On call members and an attorney to provide answers to your landlording questions
  • Monthly Meetings -Topical speakers on areas of interest to landlords. Local judges, police chiefs, fire chiefs CPA's and various attorneys can always be expected to make presentations of great interest.
  • Tenant Screening/Credit Reporting Subscriptions for a low annual fee of $25. Tenant Screening Reports available through the JALA office. Members are invoiced monthly for tenant screening and credit reports run the previous period. Current cost of a single tenant screening/credit report is $10.00
  • Support for local political action activities in support of landlords. The political actions include support for local and state level
    politicians sensitive to issues supporting fair treatment of landlords and tenants.
  • Website for general access and a secure password protected area for JALA member services.
  • Forms required for court filings as well as leases, application and other landlord business documents available in our office for a fee or on-line at out website.
  • Forms for joining JALA, signing up for Tenant Screening Services, paying your dues and other fees on line using PayPal.
  • On-Line Bulletin Board for member to member support. Post your questions/comments for discussion among members.
  • Merchant discounts from our advertisers for member landlords.
  • On-line database for tenant screening containing information on area tenants supplied by our members. This data is searchable
    by name or SSN for tenants and co-tenants. Results returned on a form containing the contact Id for the member landlord linked for retrieval of landlords name and phone number for checking history
  • Data input forms for supplying your tenant information for inclusion in the tenant screening database.

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