Jackson Area Landlords Association Mission Statement

  The purpose of JALA is to assure that our members are equipped with the latest information, tools and guidance to make their landlording experience as profitable and trouble free as possible;

  Our Mission is to provide the following:

  • Tenant screening tools such as credit reports, member supplied tenant history information and written guidance in how to do it landlord manuals.
  • Rental forms, applications, leases and other documents which fully comply with the statutory requirements of the Truth In Renting Act and other statutes which govern Landlord-Tenant relationships.
  • Expert guidance from experienced Landlords in the different aspects and problems that arise from time to time in our business including statutory and regulatory changes.
  • Provide answers to simple legal questions through a licensed attorney.
  • Guidance and encouragement to assure that our members provide safe and affordable quality housing for our tenants and their neighborhoods.
  • Representation of our members needs to the courts, the legislators and local officials as well as to our community and neighbors.
    Satisfying the needs of landlords for fair an equitable treatment enhances the quality of rental properties, the neighborhoods and cities where we live.
  • Support for a PAC to assure that elected officials are aware of and sensitive to the needs of our member landlords.

Last updated on Friday, April 13th, 2018

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