JALA On-Line Member Dues Payment and Credit Reporting Yearly Fee Through PayPal

Invoiced Credit Reporting, Renewal Fees and Other Payment Amounts

  For new member sign up, go to: Sign Up Form

  To pay your renewal Membership or Credit Subscription dues for JALA, simply fill out the form below and submit. You will be connected to the PayPal site and once your payment has been approved, this information will be sent to our office by PayPal and entered into our database.

Other Invoiced Amount or Donation

  To pay an invoice other than Credit Reporting or Membership dues, simply fill out the appropruate area below below and submit. For

"Other" invoice payments tose will be submitted separately from Credit Reporting or Renewal dues. If you select a renewal and also the Other Invoice amount, the renewal information will be cleared.

  There is a small handling fee to cover office expenses added to your payment as follows:

  • Credit Reporting $25.00 + $1.03 Pay Pal Fee
  • 0-4 Units            $130.00 + $4.03 Pay Pal Fee
  • 5-9 Units            $130.00 + $4.03 Pay Pal Fee
  • 10+ Units           $140.00 + $4.34 Pay Pal Fee
  • Other Amount    Input Amount + Pay Pal Fee Based On Amount Paid: 3.1% + $0.30

  Be sure to enter your name as shown in your membership records as well as your JALA Id number. If the number of units you own has changed, please select the appropriate range.

  If you have moved, do not use this form to change your address. Address changes must be submitted to the office in writing by telephone or email.

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You must enter invoice numbers from JALA invoices to enable payment fields

Units Owned - Membership

Renew Credit Reporting Service: $25.00 + $1.03 Fee

Membership Invoice

Credit Subscription Invoice

Other Invoice Payment Amounts

Other Amount

Pay Pal Charge

Total Amount

Other Amount Invoice

If you are paying another amount, in the comments section below, enter a description of payment.

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Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

After paying through PayPal, click Return To Merchant and then click Continue on the JALA Thank You page.

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