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   The Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET) carries out surveillance and executes raids on suspected drug houses within Jackson County. The team consists of police from Jackson, state police, sheriff's deputies and any other law enforcement officials designated to participate in team efforts.    By reporting suspected drug use, you will be helping the JNET team and helping protect your communities against the dealing in illegal substances and all the fallout resulting from those activities.

   JNET typically places a property under surveillance after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen. The location is kept under

observation and if it appears that drug activities are in fact going on there, an attempt is made to buy drugs or turn an existing client. Once suspicions are confirmed, a warrant is issue and the property is raided. Some damage may result from the raid such as a

damaged door or windows. In the case of a rented dwelling, the damage to the property is generally absorbed by the landlord and the costs subsequently recovered from the tenant.

   Keep in mind that to use the Notice to Quit - 24 Hour Drug Eviction, there must be a police report on file indicating that drugs were in fact found on the property. This report should be available a few days after the raid takes place.

   JNET will evaluate and act on the information you submitted as soon as possible.





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