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A local landlord has filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Detroit against the City of Jackson over the Housing Code Enforcement Program and its associated costs to landlords.

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Welcome to The Jackson Area Landlords Association Website

  We are an association of area landlords and property managers whose common interest in the rental property ownership/management business has brought us together to facilitate achieving our common goals.

  Over the many years since our founding in 1974, we have been advocates for landlords from all over our geographical area. We provide advice

on how to handle yourself within the legal system, and where we see a need for change do our best through our local legislators as well as the State Court Administrator Office (SCAO) to see that needed changes come to fruition. We have facilitated the expeditious processing of summary proceedings (eviction/recovery of premises) through changes to local court rules which has eliminated a great many hours of less than productive time on the part of our members and the courts. These changes have now been adopted throughout most of the court systems in

Michigan. We have had forms changed through the SCAO, which clarified issues regarding escrowing disputed amounts with the courts.

members with access to an on-line database containing the names and other information on tenants both good and bad which have been reported to us by our members.

  We provide our members with "how-to-do-it" manuals regarding tenant screening, evictions and collecting on those debts. We provide our

  For a $25 yearly fee, members can sign up for our Tenant Screening Service. Once subscribed to this service, you will receive a report

indicating all the parameters checked and a recomendation as to the suitability of the applicant for your rental property. The cost is $13 per screening report and invoices for this service will be mailed out monthly.

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Interpretation Of Housing Code Enforcement Issues .

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except December at Steak's Eatery, 4343 Oaklane Road (VCL), Jackson MI. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. featuring speakers presenting topics of interest to landlords and property managers. If you want to eat with us, dinner can be ordered from the menu and begins at 5:30 p.m.. We hope you will stop by and see us and if so inclined, you can join our association on the spot!

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